Kinesiotaping can be applied to achieve the improvement of muscles, sinews and spectrum activity and thereby promote metabolic activity in these three areas.

Kinesio Tape is a special, elastic tape to support healing processes in sports injuries and overuse reactions. Trough the tape and the movements of the body, the connective tissue and musculature receive certain type of lasting massage, which leads towards the improvement of micro circulation between the skin and muscles. This further leads to reaction of the body on analgesic (pain-reducing) system. Muscle function will get better and the joint function supported.

The effect of the tapes depends on the technique of applying it to the body part that needs to be treated.

  • Relaxing: If you apply the strips away from the muscle, approaching to the muscle origin (ie from “outside in”) they usually have “detonating” effect, that is relaxing the muscle.
  • Tensing: Conversely, the adhesive tapes “glued”. That means, they tense the muscle and support it in its movement.

Application areas:

  • Knots in area of spine
  • Pain in the area of joints, through the chronic overload
  • Injury of a muscle
  • Big bruises
  • Swelling and lymphatic congestion