Migraine therapy

Migräne Therapie

The migraine therapy is the combination of three techniques: lymph drainage, acupuncture and specific soft tissue treatment of the neck muscles.

Headaches- take a painkiller and done, or is there another way? For most of the people who have throbbing skull, this easy recipe is functioning very good. People who are suffering from often headaches and migraine attacks, should find another solution for their suffers.

Methods of treating chosen by physiotherapist is usually being selected according to the type of the pain. When it comes to migraines, it depends is it case of the tense headache or the migraine itself. They could both, for example, be treated by physiotherapy exercises or by manual treatment.

Chronic migraines shouldn’t be treated with painkillers. Rather, it is important to tackle the problem holistically in order to influence the memory of pain. The body needs to learn the  “freedom from pain” again – and this is also the guiding principle of migraine therapy.

Application areas: