Massimiliano Ventura

A sensitive examination of patient’s history and a good flair are very important prerequisites for working on a patient and the athlete. Personally, the most important thing for me is that both patients and athletes feel good and taking cared of, while visiting our practice.

My education and specialities:

Manual lymphatic drainage

Sling-table therapy

Manual orthopaedic therapy

Manual Trigger Point- Therapy, Dry Needling

Sports physiotherapy (Nati – A – care Unihockey Tigers 2007 – 2012)

Sports Osteopathic techniques

TMG Craniomandibular dysfunction

Visceral and Parietal Osteopathic Techniques for PT

I was born in Rome, 10.12.1972 but at age four I moved to Germany, where I stayed until 2004. Since 1. April 2004. I have lived in Switzerland. During first few years I worked in Kanton Bern and during that time I entrusted the Unihockey Tigers Langnau (Nati A) for 5 years. I am working independently in my practice in Küsnacht since 2012. The same year I got married and got triplets- boys. In 2016 our life was enriched with one more girl.