Manual trigger point therapy / Dry needling

The dry needling is recognised as an additional measure in physiotherapy. This triggers a local twitch response in the muscle for improved oxygenation and circulation in the muscle. When dry needling is treated in the acute state, the trigger point can be immediately cleared and returned to its muscular balance.

Dry needling is not the same as acupuncture!

During the process of dry needling, thin disposable acupuncture needles are being used, but these two techniques are not comparable. In dry needling, only individually created, previously diagnosed trigger points in the muscle, are being stung, in order to release the tension. On contrary to acupuncture treatment, where the general acupuncture points lying in different tissue types are stung to achieve different goals.

Application areas:

Pain in the motion apparatus ( for example; tennis elbow, intense headaches, back pain, etc.)