Manual osteopathic therapy for children and infants

The therapy consist from the gentle touch and the exercise of light pressure on head, vertebrae (spine), pelvis, tissues and bones makes the osteopathic considered to be effective and painless cure especially suitable for children. Typical child illnesses, treated through the osteopathic treatment showed massive improvement. Postural disorders with resulting developmental delays and pain are very common. From osteopathic point of view, these are structural shifts that were caused by the tremendous forces acting on the child during birth. A lot of child health problems could be prevented if they would be treated at the early stage. The constriction of blood, lymph vessels and nerves can make themselves negatively noticeable even many decades later.

Tense headaches, migraines, circulatory disorders and many other health restrictions can be treated with osteopathy and if early abolished, it could prevent blockages. In infant stage, the shifts in the bony skeleton and the resulting stress on the nerve cords can cause for a child to develop in crying and spitting manner.

In following years, children distinguish themselves trough general unease, concentration problems and sleep disorders. The sooner therapy starts, the better and faster the results are. Great example are the babies, whose bones are easily moveable to the right places. Health restrictions on the musculoskeletal system are very early visible on young children. If we have the child who is nine months old and still hasn’t developed the skill to crawl, the cause behind it could very often be found in the problem of one or both of the hip joints. The osteopath could solve this blockade with few simple grips and the child would be able to further develop healthy.

One example for this is our daughter; when being 18 months old, she still didn’t want to walk, and if, it wouldn’t go further than two steps at which point, she would continue to crawl. It would as well be noticeable that she was slightly banking while walking. By loosening the axes in the sacrum and half an hour treatment, she started walking after only three days. After one week she was already running like she was running for few months now.

The older the child is, the longer is the treatment. While babies sometimes need only 2-3 treatment in order to get better, older children sometimes need more than double to reach the same results. Very good results are common for orthodontic problems which are often diagnosed in children. Here, like everywhere else, when it comes to medical problems, it is crucial that the osteopath and the consultant work hand in hand and agree about the treatment progress.

Abdominal pain and digestive problems in children may be caused by internal organ in the digestive system. Even here, the help of the osteopath can be useful. Through targeted therapeutic manipulations, the adhesions can be loosened and the mobility of the organs, muscular structures and connective tissue can be improved.


Increased crying and screaming


Problems with sucking and drinking

Over-stretching of the spine

Deformations of the skull

further developmental disorders or health problems, such as frequent ear infection

and much more…