Craniosacral therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapie

The name derives from the terms Cranium (Latin for skull) and Sacrum (Latin for Sacrum).The craniosacral system includes the bony structures of skulls, spine and sacrum, the cerebral and spinal cord and the cerebrospinal fluid.

Therapists are using their hands to treat the areas of head, shoulders, neck, back and pelvic area. With the treatment they release existing blockades and achieve the complete and deep relaxation of the musculature. The mobility of the skull bones, the brain and spinal cord skins are increasing and the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid flows optimized. The area of the central nervous system will improve its function efficiency, it will encourage the perception, and it will allow the positive body experience as well. The autonym nervous system will be efficient in its own self-regulation and harmony. Craniosacral therapy has a balancing effect on the physical, emotional and mental level and is thus a holistic treatment method.

For pain coping with; migraines, joint-, muscle- , head- and back pain.

For stabilizing after physical injuries or emotional traumas.

For recovery and deep regeneration during stress and exhaustion.

As a support in stressful life situations.

As a treatment of psychosomatic complaints.

To accompany infants and their parents with problems with feeding and drinking after the birth as well as three-month colics.

As a support for mother-child relationship.

For harmonising the hyperactivity and lack of concentration.

With certain difficult illnesses and in special situation, the Craniosacral therapy shouldn’t be applied or only with vast experience.