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You, as a patient, are in the centre of our attention and our time is devoted to you. We will find the way to your recovery together, easing your suffers and helping you manage your day despite your health problems. In the modern environment of our Practice, we will establish the source of your symptoms and find the holistic therapy approach of solving them.

We are inviting you to experience our competence, engagement and share your happiness on your way to full recovery.

Therapy offers

Craniosacral therapy
Craniomandibular dysfunction
Manual lymph drainage
Manual osteopathic therapy for children and infants
Manual trigger point therapy / Dry needling
Migraine therapy
Orthopaedic manual therapy
Rehabilitation of pelvic floor (for women)
Sports Osteopathy
Sports osteopathic techniques
Visceral and Parietal Osteopathic Therapy

tips and News

Muscle knots:
Cause and the treatment

Muscle pain are appearing very often after an intensive training. Most common places where this problem manifests are shoulders, neck and upper back. Pain in these parts of body are often causing difficulties to move other muscles freely, which further causes an…


Customized exercises provide relief for patients with back pain

Impaired exercise control can lead to chronic low back pain. A new study in the East Finland University shows that the combination of manual therapy and movement can be an outstanding possibility to fight the motion control disorders in the low part of the back.

Specialized physiotherapy offers many benefits to patients with Parkinson’s disease

There is increasing amount of pointers that the patients with Parkinson’s disease could benefit from health measures such as Physiotherapy and Ergo therapy. For an optimal treatment of Parkinson’s disease, the Parkinson’s-disease expert is required.

Exercise therapy alone seems to be effective in the treatment of patients with neck pain

Cranio-Sacral Therapie

The study shows that providing forms of manual treatment along with the exercise therapy does not seem to improve the treatment outcome. The exercise therapy itself brings the same benefits to a patient like the manual treatment combined with the exercise therapy.


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